Sleepless Sleepovers

by insertusernameharrr

I remember that my first sleepover was at my cousins’. I remember the mixed feelings- excitement, thrill, fear, and wobbly knees. That’s how it was to ask my dad to allow me to go to my first sleepover. 

Dad’s actually very mild and giving when my brother and I ask for something. He lets us go out with friends and cousins for movies, eating out, pool parties, ‘Timezone days’, and a lot more. And Kuya’s been sleeping at his friends’ and cousins’ houses since he was really small, but never was it I that asked. I was always the one who stayed home with Dad and Mom when Kuya was out for weeks sleeping over. Until the day that I was asked by my aunt to sleep at their place after my cousin’s pool party when I was in 2nd grade. I really didn’t know what to do. At first, Dad said no. He’s very protective of me, and I think he felt like I was too young to be sleeping far from home without them (though it was just one night). So I decided that I’d just ask next time, with a forced smile on my face while turning away from him. But right before we left, he told me to “take care.. and I’ll just fetch you and Kuya tomorrow.” Hold on, does this mean they’re leaving us here? That I’m actually gonna have my first sleepover already? Whoa. I didn’t know what kind of a talk my mom and dad and aunt had, but I was really surprised that Dad was convinced. It felt like another leap in my life. And this was my first sleepless sleepover. 

Tired from swimming the whole day, I changed into the jammies that my cousin lent me and brushed my teeth in preparation for the bouncy bouncy airbed set up for us. Usually, I’d already be watching cartoons then to make me fall asleep, but I wasn’t. I went downstairs to the dining area and saw them playing Clue. It seemed fun, so I sat down with them. And then an hour passed and I started playing, then another hour passed and we got hungry and grabbed whatever that was in the pantry, then another hour passed and we were just having fun. Another hour, and another hour. And maybe one more, or two- until the sun was already about to shine. Seeing Mr. Sun peeking out from the horizon, we suddenly had to urge to pack up and doze off. Though it wasn’t for long, for we have planned earlier to go to the mall and eat out in the day. Overall, it was super awesome. Though, the actual sleeping just happened as we got home to our own houses where we really just couldn’t keep our eyes open.

I don’t know if it’s just us or this is always the case with sleepovers, but never have I had a decent sleepover, or at least one where I actually slept. May it be with my mother’s side cousins or my father’s or just with my friends, it was always a night that won’t make you feel sleepy.

It’s so ironic, because no matter what we did that day or how tired we were and we plan to just crash at someone’s place that night cos we’re so dead, eventually, we just don’t get the rest we need. I guess it’s the hang of the high spirits we had from the preceding activities of the day that keeps us so up until the last drop of energy falls and the sleepy chemicals take over our whole bodies.